Dog Box Training School offers customised dog and owner training lessons. The individuality of each dog is taken into account during the lessons and their breed specific needs are considered in instructing the owner how to nurture the best relationship. Only positive training methods are used because I believe that by establishing  a relationship of trust and mutual respect we can fulfil the potential inherent in each dog and build a loving bond . I believe that a certain amount of knowledge of how dogs communicate is essential to building this bond. Therefore courses will teach the basics of dog communication and calming signals. I also believe that a basic understanding of dog health is essential so that we can monitor the physical condition of our pets and deal promptly with any issues before they become  problems. Environmental  enrichment is considered important in giving our dogs the best quality of life. Each course will also impart a basic understanding of the importance of feeding a suitable high quality diet so as to give our dogs the best possible means of coping with the stresses of life. Basic obedience exercises are also important in teaching the dog how to work with and respect its human parents.

About Our Training Courses
Each training session will be 30 minutes long Please allow 15 minute deviation for your own convenience. Training sessions are by appointment, with one dog per session and one person per dog. Lessons are held in Umtentweni.

It is a good idea to bring along a pen and notebook. Other items needed are: a Clicker, leash and collar or harness ( I prefer a harness on young puppies to prevent damaging their throats), tug toy and ball, water bowl and training treats as well as some means of cleaning up after your dog.

To prevent the spreading of common contagious diseases all attending dogs should be up to date with scheduled vaccinations. In the event of your dog showing signs of being unwell prior to a scheduled lesson, please discuss this with the trainer before attending. Please make sure you have poop litter bags to clean up after your dog.

Puppy Training Course
The Puppy Training Course is not only intended for new puppy owners to learn training methods for the new member of their household, but also to understand the interaction between trainer and puppy when it comes to puppy training. Dogs are members of the household and more importantly, part of a family, so during this course the owner will learn how to correctly approach this integration. The owner will also be taught how to deal with common puppy issues, environmental enrichment, clicker training, obedience, impulse control, restraint tolerance, puppy brain stimulation and how to deal with very basic medical related issues such as dental care, health checks and basic first aid. At the end of the course recognition will be given in the form of a certificate.


Senior Puppy Training Course
People who have completed Dog Box Puppy School’s initial course have requested follow-up courses. The Senior Puppy Training Course has been developed to meet this need and provide a follow-up refresher course for the adolescent dog. It will ensure that the foundations laid in Dog Box Puppy Course are reinforced and expanded. As the puppy reaches this often rebellious stage it may begin to challenge the owner, and it is crucial to reinforce stable and firm dog-parental control at this time.

Out of the Dog Box Rescue Course
This course has been specifically designed to help successfully introduce a rescue dog into your family. Rescue dogs have specific fears and psychological needs. Informed attention to these issues at the very start of the new relationship will ensure the best possible outcome. Behavioural problems specific to abandoned dogs need to be understood and behavioural adjustment strategies put in place. Reading dog body language is a valuable tool in understanding your new friend. Impulse control will help the dog to cope with reactive states that are so often problems in these dogs. Dogs previously abandoned often lack coping skills which they will learn in this course. It is important to start training the new rescue dog during the “honeymoon” to ensure that potential problems are avoided and to establish a good understanding.

Dog Box Samaritan Therapy Course
Owners who would like to share the uplifting and mood enhancing natures of their dogs may like to consider this course. Dogs will be taught to happily tolerate handling, perform basic amusing tricks and be well socialised to the company of very elderly and infirm people and other dogs. Impulse control, restraint exercises and understanding the subtle communication signals your dog is conveying will be a substantial part of this course. Grooming, bathing and parasite control methods will be discussed.

Dog Box Communication Skills Course
This course focuses on an extensive study of videos and photos revealing the incredible means of communication of our dogs, including explanations of the various dog vocalisations. It also covers signs and symptoms of ill health, recognising depression in dogs and ways to improve their mental health. This is one of the most illuminating and fascinating courses.

Dog Box Theatre Skills Course
This course will prepare your suitable dog to enjoy entertaining and bringing laughter, the greatest healer, to others. It covers socialising with other dogs and people, focusing on Clicker and trick training with all the possibilities these allow. Dolphins have entertained and brought great pleasure to audiences. Now it is within your dog’s capabilities to enter the performing arts. This course complements the Samaritan Therapy Dog Box Course for obvious reasons.

Delinquent Dog Box Course
This course will benefit dogs who were not fortunate enough to be enrolled at Dog Box Training School in their formative years and who are consequently resembling adolescent hooligans. It will also well suite certain rambunctious breeds which, although well intentioned, are over-friendly and bombastic , lacking awareness of personal space. Exercises will concentrate on proper greeting-manners, impulse control, restraint and obedience.

Follow Your Nose Dog Box Course
This course will teach the owner how to stimulate their dog’s innate senses and abilities. Scenting requires calmness and concentration and will benefit performance obedience work. It has been shown to improve the dogs cooperation and strengthens the relationship between dog and owner. Searching games are stimulating, and after doing these exercises your dog will be happy and content. This course will enrich the lives of older dogs or dogs who are no longer able to be as active due to physical problems. It is very important that your dog has some form of shared activity.